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Poor wee jakey lamb.

Dont the police realise the basic human right here?

It is his human rights to be a drunken knife weilding weegie who poses a risk to society, and his inept, and probably equally as jakey, parents have a right to complain about police dealing with a menace to society.

Who do the police think they are? trying to contact the parents, whilst they are probably getting smashed in the pub, just to inform them that their wee angelic boy is in trouble.

lol. :D
wandering the steets at 2.30am drunk and carrying a knife was standard practice when i was 14, you didnt get arrested for it :confused:

my parents weren't 'jakey', nor was i, nor my friends or their parents, we were normal upper middle class private school lads causing no trouble at all.

i know i'm not the only one.
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When I was 14 I was not allowed to roam the streets at 2.30am let alone get drunk. We carried knives, yes, but they were pen knives. Responsible parents made sure we were at home by 9pm at the latest and any sign that we had been drinking would have given us a grounding for a week.

Sorry, but it's not normal for 14 year olds to roam the streets drunk at 2.30am and to carry knives. Ask yourself this - Would YOU like to walk past a bunch of 14 year old drunk youths carrying knives at 2.30am?

Britain's drunk culture and knife culture starts young and is the result of irresponsible parenting. Round up the drunken knife carrying youths, sling them into jail and prosecute the parents for bad parenting. It's by not doing this that the country is rapidly going to the dogs :shakehead