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General Rubbish headlights


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Sep 22, 2007
I've had my 1.2 80SX 2000 Y reg Bravo for a week now, and I can't really fault it. Apart from the headlights. They seem to be too focused on the road, no matter what I move the height adjuster thing to - you can just see two dots in the middle of the road about 3ft in front of the car. This wasn't good when driving through the Peak District in the pitch black the other night. On high beam, they're fine, but full beam, it's quite ridiculous.

I've had a search on this forum to see if anyone's got any advice, but I can't seem to find anything, so apologies if this has been mentioned/asked a million times. What I have gathered is that poor headlights is a common problem?

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what to do, whether to replace the bulbs, the whole light thing (I don't know much about changing stuff on cars!), or some how repositioning them... I don't want it looking all modded or something, just to fix the crap lighting.

Thanks :)

If you've just been adjusting the electric adjuster in the car then give this a try.
If you open your bonnet ant look above where the lights are you should see 2 holes in the slam panel. inside these holes will be little white plasticy looking things with hex shapes in them (I think its for an allen key tbh). these are the headlight manual adjusters. I find a flat blade screwdriver works just as well for adjusting them :D lol.
Park up on a flat bit of land facing a wall and adjust til they are at the desired height on both sides. just remember to not set the beam too high else you will get other drivers flashing you constantly thinking you have your high beam on lol.

on another note, your username and location looks familiar. Have we spoken in the past on another forum or something? lol.

Thanks for that, I'll give it a go in a bit.

I doubt we have, I do post on forums much and I don't think I'm signed up to any under this name... Any particular forum you're thinking of?
i wouldn't advise doing that as it will dazzle oncoming to get the lights focused by a garage incase they are shining too low and if they still are rubbish try new bulbs and upgrade to marea lights - polys.
Been talking to my dad about it who reckons I'm best off just taking it to a garage to get it realigned. Might see about getting them a bit brighter too cos they don't look too good, but I'm not up for spending much money (I'm tight lol) I just thought I'd ask on here to see if there was an easy diy solution.
fit Osram or Philips bulbs (one is branded Silverstar or similar) 30% brighter than standard and about £15 for both, and then get it aligned, difference will be huge.

yey another sheffield lad!! keep on truckin, cart really help on the headlight problem as my bravo is still sat on the drive :( but if i get the same problem now i know what to do :D see you around town
Try with 100 watts H1 bulbs, i did it and the lights were ok, but recently i have installed a xenon 8300K lights and were astonishing, but without focus, so i changed complete front lights for marea HLX lights with same kit 8300k and now - I AM HAPPY AS A BABY - I NEVER USE MAIN BEAM LIGHTS EXCEPT DEEP BEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you are interested in prices:
- lights from Marea HLX - 150euro x 2 = 300 euro total (new&original)
- XE LIGHTS 8300K - 290 euro
- HID philips 6000K - 250 euro - fiat dealer's price (they install only this):tempt: