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Styling rub


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Mar 25, 2005
east london
hi,ive put 17"s on my 5door mk2 punto and have noticed that they rub when people get in the rubs on the back of the bumper and on the top where the bumper meets the wheel arch.I can file down the back but at the top theres a bolt and i dont want to bend it just in case it breaks and then the top edge of the would't be fixed any more and would flap around.has anyone elses rubed and what did you do to fix it.any ideas would be helpful.thanks
ive just fitted some 17's to my 5 door and they do the same. i was gonna get the files out tomorrow
I had the exact same prob with my punto 3 door sporting. I just gently sanded down the bolt and and the inner lip of the rear bumper at top of the wheel arch. its the big bolt on the suspension causing the prob rite? if so you can sand it down a little it dont need much, some people in the forum did advise me against it at the time but i did it anyway coz i knew it wouldnt cause any probs and it would stop the rubbing.