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May 23, 2012
Hi just been given a mk2 punto after my car was written off, there was some rust around windscreen iv gone over a pot hole and it's cracked :(
Anyone had this problem and can it be fixed ?
I'm used to welding I own 80s fords but no idea what to do here

These cars are getting so old now that we are only one broken window away from a scrapyard. Before you even think about repairing the car I would look at the rest of the car.
The rest of the cars good, iv cleaned it up today no holes, I don't think of them as old my show cars 36 years old
1. can the windscreen be saved by drilling a hole to stop the crack?

2. Is the crack legal for the MOT?

3. I am supposing you think you dont have to change the windscreen. It is a very small hole. Just clean it up from the outside and fill it.

As for the rest of the car. It is very common for these cars to rust badly at the last part of the seal in front of the rear wheels. On my car that started under the thick rubbery seam sealer near the plastic covers at the bottom of the end of the seal. On my car I drilled some 10mm holes under the car seat so I can look down onto the inside of the seal and scrape all the rubbish out. Waxoyl and stuff like that is no good as it cannot penetrate the rubbish. I eventually used a mixture of waxoyl oil and grease and kept working it into the loose rust. the grease and stuff is not going to go hard. I never did work out where the rubbish inside the sill came from. maybe it was just rust and paint. There is a hidden triangular box section each side of the fuel tank under the seal which you can look into through existing holes under the seat and that section is open on the bottom of the car and connects to the seal. I am in Finland so i was wondering if the cabin moisture builds up in the ice cold seals. Also on my car the gap between the front wing and the seal was insufficient to allow rubbish to be washed out - stuff goes behind the wheel guards and then accumulates on the wing. All the wings in scrap yards seem to have the same rust there. I added some washers where there are those two bolts to connect to the seal so the gap is better. I also put some inspection holes by the front door so without hassle i can easily see inside the front of the seals but it appears totally fine there. The metal on these cars is .75mm, so it can look good and be totally rotten.
Windscreen is gone it's full drivers veiw so will be changed, its more about repairing the rust as windscreen company's will refuse to do it so Iv cleaned it back for fiberglass filler and paint, your right about the build up of road dirt iv cleaned most of it, cars not going to last forever its got more rust than my 1988 escorts ever had
Just to update my post new windscreen fitted yesterday the rust didn't go far the lip the screen bonds to was still good so cleaned and rust treated it no holes, now the mods can begin