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Dec 3, 2003
The land that time forgot
Now then, I've managed to turn up some cheap roof bars for my Stilo 5-door from the Bay of Fleas.

Once they're fitted, I will celebrate by sticking a "World's No.1 Dad" sticker on the bumper and Hello Kitty window sun-shades for the benefit of the Sith Queen in the back... and then go to find a suitable roof box.

Having a read, I can see that some folks have had problems fitting stubby roof-boxes onto the Stilo because of the length between the bars. It looks like it's about 960cm or something (I'll have to measure it maybe).

Is this a real problem or just some random feebleness from the previous posters? Stilo doesn't look all *that* long to me (otherwise I wouldn't need a roof box).

Most fleabay sellers only list the litre capacity of their box, just say it's "huge".. or just post photos of the box on their lawn, so it's impossible to gauge how big the thing is.

What's the length I need to check - the flat section of the box's underside?

Also.... is there a sensible maximum length for the box? I'd want to not have the box overhanging the windscreen too much (assuming it's positioned as far back as possible so that it doesn't foul the aerial/rear hatch). I can remove the aerial for the duration, if needs be.. but ultimately the rear end of the box can't foul the hatch lid when that's open.

Is there a non-sensible maximum length for the box? I presume too much overhang over the windscreen will let air under the box, rather than flow over it? I don't want the box to be generating lift... Ahhhh

Ralf S.
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