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Apr 21, 2003
Hello :)

My sat nav receiver (tom tom original) connects to my PDA using the tom tom cradle which has a RJ11 plug socket. When I bought the GPS receiver it was a total bargain but the plug on the end had obviously been damaged and *badly* repaired. A year on it has finally now lost connection and has to be moved slightly to work. It seems that the RJ11 plug has 4 connections, 3 from wires within the cable and a 4th is the shroud/shielding, I assume is grounded, this is what I think has broken.

I have never ever fitted an RJ11 plug but is it simply a matter of using something like:


And sorted?

In a work, yes.
RJ11 plugs crimp in the same way as RJ45s. All you need is one of those tools (and that looks like one of the better types, with a nice, solid, metal body), and an RJ11 plug, which usually come in packs of like 5 or 10, which is fine in case you mess it up first time!
I can't say I've ever used a shielded cable with an RJ connector though - they aren't designed for them. But if that's what the original is, then simply cut off the old connector (don't pull the wires out, as you then simply copy the connections), strip back the cable, copy the existing wire layout, insert into the RJ11 and crimp firmly.
Should work a treat.
That's my intention :) Thanks for writing that though it agrees with everything. Maplin want 52p a plug (4p4c type) which although is a lot more than they want on ebay per unit, I only need 1 (or two if i muck up) ;)

My grandpa is going to make me a crimper though, no idea why, I can buy one for £6. Oh well, all fun for him!
The real budget crimper is a small piece of formed metal that has four prongs on it. What you do it place the plug on a firm surface, insert the wires, then place the "budget crimper" on top of the plug, with the prongs in line with the plug contacts. Then you whack the crimper with a hammer! The crimper is about 20p, but the hand crimper is far more elegant!
52p a plug is a lot, but I suppose if you're only buying one, then they have overheads... Buy a pack of 100, you never know when you'll need one! (Like phone handset wires coming loose)
lol, i live by that mentality far too often, i just bought 20x CR2032 batteries, I only needed 1 ;)

Elegance yes but cost = :( will do with the tool he makes :)
The Negotiator said:
...will do with the tool he makes :)
Wow - I thought I was a cheapskate! :p Once you've accidentally whacked your fingers with the hammer, you'll wish you spent the £6! :D
Last time I hit my hammer I was about 8-9 building my go kart. Used such a dense wood and hit and hit and hit. Finally hit my thumb so hard I nearly passed out and proceded to throw up....not something I try to do very often ;)
I'll have one.. Rob needs one for repairing the pedals on his computer steering wheel. After a long time the plug on the end has finally came loose. Why they didn't use a USB cable or something a bit stronger.. :rolleyes:
Paul, you sell Bunny an RJ11, and I'll take my 20% commission (y)