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Oct 14, 2007
Im looking to replace the oil sump on a Seicento sporting. How easy of a job is this ? I have had a look at the old sump but am abit concerned as to whether it will drop straight off or wil the exhaust manifold need to be taken off as well.

Any feedback would be much appreciated
I'll be replacing mine soon, was meant to be this weekend but couldn't get the time unfortunately.

If you have a standard exhaust manifold then you have to split it on the downpipe, three bolts. If you have an aftermarket one-piece manifold then you'll have to take the whole thing off. The exhaust has to come out of the
way because the sump internal baffle will prevent you from shifting the sump out sideways, it has to come out straight down.

1. Remove the engine compartment protection plastic thingies. Various screws here and there to remove.

2. Remove the oil cap and dipstick (to let the oil drain easier).

3. Remove oil drain plug on the sump and let the oil drain out, into a suitable container.

4. Loosen the gear box guard bolts and remove the guard. This will give you access to all the sump bolts and nuts. This guard covers the end of the gearbox to the nearside end of the sump, from what I can see.

5. Unscrew the 4 nuts and 10 bolts that hold the sump on.

6. Fiat recommend heating the sealant with a heatgun for about 15 minutes to soften it. Then knock the sump with a mallet to release, and lever with a screwdriver to prise it off.

I've also been told to knock a very small flathead screwdriver in the gasket (like the sort of sized ones you get in an xmas cracker), then next to this insert a slightly larger one. Then take a stanley knife and cut along the gasket. After a few minutes you should be able to just zip a flathead along and bob's your uncle.

7. Scrape away all the old gasket. Make sure the surface is perfectly gasket free, clean and oil-free.

8. Make sure the new sump is clean (within reason), and apply sealant along the whole sump perimeter. The Fiat sealant is very good and can be obtained from your local dealer.

9. Mount the sump and tighten the 4 nuts to the correct torque. I'll have to check the Haynes if you don't have one already for the torques. I remember them being something very small, like 8nm or something. Don't hold me to that though.

I think I remember reading on here that some people like to tighten to a very little torque to allow the sealant 'space' to cure, then tighten to the correct torque later. As opposed to tightening up and squishing the sealant out.

10. Tighten the 10 bolts to the correct torque.

11. I have no idea on curing time, something to ask the Fiat man when you go in for the sealant. In the mean time you can refit the sump plug, exhaust, gearbox guard and plastic trims. Fit a new filter too if your changing the oil.

12. After sufficient curing time, add engine oil to the correct level on the dipstick, replace said dipstick and the oil cap too.

13. Run the engine and check the pressure light goes out after no more than 5 seconds. Check for the usual, leaks, blowing exhaust etc.