Technical Remote key no range - Fiat Punto Twinair

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Technical Remote key no range - Fiat Punto Twinair


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Mar 22, 2018
Hi, i'm a owner of a Fiat Punto Twinair.

I have a problem with remote key that needs to be close to the drivers side of the windshield to unlock and lock. At a distance there is no signal.

Battery in remote key is replaced.

Could it be s faulty receiver module? - and where is it located?
Hello, I'm facing exact same problem. Mine is 2010 Punto Evo.

I need to come to driver (or passenger) door windshield to unlock.

What I have done:
2. New battery (very respectable brand), no improve.
2. Inspected pcb board of remote, compared with images on internet. Some people said that some resistors tend to fall down from board. Everything seems ok.
3. Searched for the antenna wires schematic in car. Wires are placed at drivers side headliner (A pillar). At that point I'm not sure if my antenna is good or not, only one wire is taped to plastic stick.
Also I have discovered, when I take the antenna out of the A pillar, then it has range of approx 4 or 5 meters.

I would like if you can check your antenna and confirm if it looks same as mine (white wire taped on black stick).


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