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Jun 6, 2004
United Kingdom.
hi all again...
i have not long got a FIAT MAREA 16V 100 SX and it can with 1 BLUE key, it has built in imobilizer and central locking, but is there a way i can find out if my car will accept a REMOTE key? and if so could anyone tell me how to get 1?
i saw a link bellow about remote keys but thought it would be easier for me to just get straight answers to my question (sry to be a pain)
anyway any herlp would be great and thx a million MATHISJ7

P.S. I have just noticed (well been informed) that the end of my front left windscreen wiper has snapped off, not the bit that cleans the window but the end of the bit that holds the bit that scleans the window (or something like that)(i realy need to find a betterway to describe things :D)
anyway any help of this would be great aswell
have a look at your interior light in the headlinning, if its got an led on the passenger side and a recessed button on the drivers its got a remote reciver built into it.
the bad news:
you have no red key, you should have been given 2 blue keys and 1 red key when you bought the car. without the red key you cannot easly code a new remote key too start your car, also you need a 4 digit master code for the remote reciver too be able too program a new remote key too it, the code is usually found on the red key; key ring on a bit of paper [xx(] as thats where they are when the car is new.

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hi m8 thx a million but there is nothing on the overhead light in the car, so i guess it can't or doesn't have the ability for a remote key (bummer)
anyway thx again m8 for the help MATHISJ7
if i were you i would have a fiat alarm fitged to the car, they r great & cost £300, we have had £1000 spent on security in our car.

fiat marea 51 reg 1.9 JTD ELX
Does the car have central locking when turning the key?

If so it may be possible to buy a kit from FIAT dealer that will give you remote CDL.

In the accessories book, there will be kits which have a relay with a built in aeriel which replaces your existing relay.
Thanks fiattech, tried behind glovebox no relays at all and cannot see anything by the fusebox .I phoned simonstone fiat in bristol and they said they maybe under the back seat.All i can find there is some kind of black control unit about the size of a ecu