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General Red seat belt icon on dash


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Feb 11, 2006
Im new to the Brava and this forum.

A niggling issue I have is that the red seat belt icon on the dash will not go out under any circumstances

Anyone know where I should look first to find the fault ?
Have a look at the seat belt stalk - and if poss the wiring going to it.
Hello, good evening and welcome to FF

It's the airbag light, it can be triggered by the slightest of things! If you know of a garage nearby with diagnostic/ resetting equipment they can usually sort it out for a few quid, or Fiat dealers obviously have the right equipment :)
Yes, thanks Helz, you are absolutely right - I took a closer look and the icon shows an airbag etc.
(note to self : get a handbook to find out what everything is!)

But what does the light indicate ?
Why would any driver want to see such a warning ?

If it means it is faulty (and is now in an unsafe condition) then why doesn't the system also disable the airbag to simply make it safe ?

If it means the airbag has been discharged, then its either patently obvious ! - or a hangover from a previous event (and I know mine has never been fired off) or it is a false condition - so whats the point of the light ?

If it means its not functioning, again what's the point (except to generate income for Fiat dealers?), as what would ANYone really then do ? - not drive the car because it hasn't then got a functional airbag maybe ? - hands up all those that wouldn't drive the car because of that.
- I don't think so !

This icon appeared on my dash after changing a dud battery - surely it doesn't light up just on a power interruption ?

This all seems to add up to be an "idiot" light - unless someone else knows a better purpose .... maybe I've missed something here ... hmmm.

... perhaps I will just remove the lamp etc. ... oh well.