General Rear Seatbelt Mounting Points?

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General Rear Seatbelt Mounting Points?

Sep 26, 2003
Northern Ireland
After an investigation with a screwdriver to discover the full extent of my Panda's rust problem the drivers side rear seatbelt has now detached itself from the rest of the car. The other side is close to it. :(

Does anyone know if new mounting points are available from Fiat? A price/parts number would be great if anyone has an ePer disc. My ePer disc refuses to work for some reason.
Here's a photo. You can see the inner wing, the back seat and the hole where the seat belt used to be...


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Steve said:
Thanks for looking. :) Anyone else have any ideas?
I thought that bit wasdirectly welded to the bodywork?... I noticed that the seatbelt mounting bolt go all the way through to the wheel arch anyway. should be easy enough to get a lump of metal machined to those dimensions.
These points are supplied as part of the original " Worked body " and although a new inner panel may still be available, you would have to unstitch most of the rear of the car to replace it. As stated, a welder/fabricator should be able to effect a worthwhile local repair, though I think you will find that the area below the mounting point ( floor panel and chassis box section ) will be affected as well.
your right petel, and according to the eper guide, the price is over £400 for that part :eek:

edit - what i would do is clean the surrounding area, get rid of the rusty metal, and weld in a patch. shame Steve is soo far away, as i could have done it for the price of the wire :( (if your going to do it, remember to put underseal on after the weld is cooled :))
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