General Rear bulb change on the 7 seater

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General Rear bulb change on the 7 seater

Apr 3, 2007
I've read the guide on changing a rear bulb but when I had a look at my car I found the panelling is different. The speaker is in a different place on the 7 seater and in the handbook it says you should use the extension tool provided but I can't see anyting like this in the toolkit. There is no removable panel and the bolt seems to be tucked away behind the seatbelt and looks very awkward to get at.
Has anyone changed a bulb on a 7 seater?
I was looking at a pic on the advert for the sunshades & noticed a difference in the panel. Have you got a pic facing rearward of the panel so we can all put our twopenn'orth in?

(I reckon it's going to be one of those jobs that starts...1st lift the bonnet...:D :devil: )
I've tried getting the plastic tool into the gap but it's a really tight fit. Also, when they refer to the extension in the book, do they mean this grey plastic tool? If they do I can't see how you're supposed to turn it once it's on, even if it did fit through the gap.

I have to say that the sticky thread on this subject was spot on for me but the 7 seater does look a little more tricky, although not according to your book.
The plastic moulding around the rear of the seatbelt - does any of it come away? There looks to be a screw between the belt & window, also a screw hiding just inside the plastic.
The small grey plastic tool is inserted after you have loosened the 'nut' using the wheel brace (or a suitable socket set) & it goes into the bodywork quite a way (after you've removed a huge black grommet!

BTW, it isn't really a nut, it looks like a metal tube where the middle has been squeezed tightly around a threaded rod (probably how it was made!)
That's the problem, none of the plastic panelling is removable, it's all one peice and the grey plastic tool doesn't fit through the gap where the belt comes out.
I might go and see my friendly local Fiat dealer and ask him if he'll show me how to do it. Do you think they'd demonstrate it for free?
Rich I can't really see how you're supposed to get that out...

Your dealer should be able to show you how to get it out, and if they do take some photos for me and send them over, I'll add it into the existing guide :)