Technical Rattling from the exhaust - mid-section heatshield?

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Technical Rattling from the exhaust - mid-section heatshield?

tony witney

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Sep 18, 2005
Hi All,

My Brava 1.8 HLX has developed an annoying rattling noise from what I believe to be a heatshield in the exhaust line, just in front of the centre box. The heatshield seems to have cracked through the weld on the passenger side, so when I rev slightly, the vibration causes slight noise. I can prise the passenger side of the heat shield down a bit, so it is obvious the rattling comes from there.

Question is, IS it a shield, if so what does it protect, can I remove it or does something need to be replaced? If so, any ideas how much? I'm loathe to take the car down to Fiat, as I mistrust main dealers!
Well, I'll answer my own question. :rolleyes: The heatshield covers the catalytic convertor and prevents the high temperatures (1000 degrees C) from setting fire to stuff under the car (i.e., if your car was parked in a field on a dry day, after you had gone from A to B rather quickly - fire could result if the shield wasn't fitted).

Fiat in Slough put the car on the ramp and pointed it out to me. I had expected them to suggest a new cat (at £400 fitted) but they gave me the contact details of a cheap welder. Good on 'em!(y)

However, I'm going to try wirelocking the heat shield together and then wrap high temp speedtape around it. Should be OK, it worked on the Harrier & Tornado jet aircraft I used to work on!:D