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General Radio Removal

Thanks AppleSei,
That is the correct dash alright. You think the radio must slide out? I tried accessing it by removing the fascia around the clock/speedo and there are two retaining screws but there seems to be something holding it from below and I can't see how to access that side. I will give Halfords a visit and see what they say(y)
Not sure but you might need to get the removal kit from fiat, or maybe they can advise further
Yes mate use the radio tools from Halfords. Be careful when removing it though cos the leads can be quite short. Try and make a note of the wiring connections or buy an adaptor from Halfords.
Hi my reply is obviously too late for the initial poster. But maybe someone else will be interested.
The Fiat stilo uses the similar tools to remove as many radios ie two slim U shaped wires that fit into the two holes on either side of the radio.
But the key point here is that the wires are very thin around 2mm and relatively long around 4 inches and most tools get stuck in the plastic never getting through the holes. They should be relatively stiff unlike the thicker ones you do not move them to the side, rather you insert them which frees the clips, then pull on the facia and the unit will just slide out.
I know, after 3 hours I removed the radio cassette facia unit. more by luck! once out you could plainly see that if thin wires were used, they would push out the clips that clip into the radio metal case preventing it from moving.
my problem now is getting Fiat Stilo car body computer to allow a radio to work in the car But i'll post this request in a new post.
Hope this helps some one.