Quick question on oil use.

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Quick question on oil use.

Jun 6, 2019
Hey Y'all. Just a quick question on the 1.2 16v engine (188a5000): is this engine known for wasting oil quite easily? I had an oil leak a few months ago but it was fixed but still the oil level keeps going down quite quickly. It's a daily so I use it to go to work and not much else
I've had it for 2 years now and done around 20k km but, like I said, the oil leak was fixed and done an oil change since then.
Thnx in advance and have a good week.
This motor has been around for 20 years..

The forums excellent SEARCH will find all the relevant info

Oil consumption is all relative

If all 4 spark plugs are the same digestive biscuit colour.. ( not oily..)

Its probably fine

Manual probably says 1 litre every 600 miles is ok... and that was when new ;)
I have the same engine. I have no figures for you but it only very rarely needs more oil. I did an oil change about a month ago and slightly overfilled it and there is no change on the dipstick so far. But I only go to the shops with and do the ocassional motorway journey