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General Punto Sporting as a courtesy Car


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Sep 9, 2005
I have dropped my 147 in for a cam belt change and was given a Punto Sporting (X reg) as a courtesy car.

I just thought I would come on here to tell you what a brilliant car it is.

In terms of equipment it is excellant and has sat nav and AC ect (even the alfa doesn't have sat nav).

It handles really well and has plenty of go for a small engine.

I could easliy be swayed back to Fiats if the new ones are all as good as this

My Punto Sporting doesn't have Sat Nav or Air Conditioning - the HGT does though. Are you sure it wasn't a HGT?
My Sporting had AC but no Sat Nav, but I do remember it being an optional extra :) Must've had a generous previous owner. Glad you liked the Punto, I think you get a really entertaining driving experience in a smaller sportier car, even if it's not really that fast.
It doesn't matter that it isn't that fast really, because it seems to love been driven hard. Saying that courtesy cars are always much faster then your own car(y)

Its also nice not to put your foot down and end up breaking the speed limit in second!

I have always had a thing for nippy small cars, this may just swing it for me