Technical Punto mk2 fast blinkers

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Technical Punto mk2 fast blinkers


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Jul 11, 2023
Hi everyone.

Got a punto 1.2 8v with fast blinkers.

All lights are working, cleaned the contacts in the right headlight since it was corroded with mold and all the ligths in the e
Headlight housing started to work properly.

But the fast blinking issue remains. Can anyone indicate ground locations?

I'm suspecting of that since I checked under the steering wheel where the relay is located, had some corrosion nearby, cleaned with electrical w40 but still remains an issue.
Are the correct wattage (21 watt?) bulbs fitted as that or bad earths can affect flasher speed.
If it only did it one side then I would suspect a bad earth.
If you suspect a bad earth as a test take a feed wire from the earth (- neg) side of battery to the metal of a indicator bulb holder, not the wiring and see if it affects the flasher speed.
Apart from that and unlikely but is the alternator overcharging, like 16volts not 13-14 volts? I did see one van that was charging at 18volts and boiling the acid away in the battery , the customer had already bought a new battery as he thought the battery was duff but it had failed as it had run out of acid, so he still had to buy a new alternator.;)
I think the relay could be burnt and that's causing fast blinking. Try it with a good/new relay.