Styling Punto Mk1 Plasma Dial?

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Styling Punto Mk1 Plasma Dial?

Theyre organising a group buy on PSC, in order to get a bulk discount. The name thing is to get an idea of numbers so they can work out how much discount they can get :)
If anyone is interested in getting a set of these there are still some available,this guy is buying about 10 himself just to get the group buy then he is putting them on ebay for prob twice as much!(good money to be made IMO) so if you want them cheap (38.50 inc postage) check out the link and mail the guy. Ive paid and all so now all i have to do is wait!
He apparently has plans for a mark2 version of these so its worth keepin an eye out (y)
well the link does not work, is this still going on? and what they look like??
not uk but you get the idea
I WANT SOME OF THEM!!!!! WHOS GOT THEM!!! ANYONE??? :bang: dammit missed the deal :( :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:
:bang: Ok what is psc! i have seen it about the forums noidea what it means :(
lol yeah saw the dials and very1 who is lookin to get them and on teh pic says its for the punto GT! i only got teh 1.2mk1 :(