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General Punto Mk1 Hand Brake Cable


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May 30, 2007
Hello i have a small problem.

I have just snapped my hand brake cable.

I was coming home from pulled into drive way pulled up the hand brake and it snapped!!!!

Its the drivers side were it connects into the back wheel and its totaly broken the inner and outer cable, please see photo ( if it works)

Any advice and is it easy to fit a new one my self?

Many thanks Jolan Altria
1 to 2 hours job for both sides depending on condition an hence problems that may arise. The main problem is where the old cable enters the drum. The end is tapered to jam into the hole in the drum - usually rusted to hell and a pig to remove. The next problem is adjusting. Easiest way i found was to set the adjuster under the lever to its loosest setting, then set the adjuster on the shoes to their furthest out position before re-installing the shoes. These adjusters are accessible with a small screwdriver with the shoes in place. just keep tapping the adjuster till the shoes move in enough to fit the drum over them. Then when both sides have been adjusted properly, tighten the handbrake under the lever to the point that the wheels run freely with the handbrake down and ofter one click they start to rub. The new cables need to 'set in' aswell, so you may need to keep adjusting under the lever for a couple of weeks.

While your at it, check your shoes - ideal time for replacement, and copper grease at contact points.

Oh - one last tip. Never do both cables at the same time. You will probably need to refer to the other side to see which spring goes where when reassembling.
So its a rather long job then?

Garage qouted me £70 all in, seems a bit much for this job!

Will give it a go at weekend and if i cant do it go to garage,

thanks for your help Jolan