Technical Punto gearbox problem

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Technical Punto gearbox problem


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Jan 20, 2006
Strange problem with my gearbox on 2000 1.9JTD - it's fine when cold but after a long run the gearlever feels like it's starting to sieze but only in the left to right movement when in neutral. Front to back still feels fine and it still selects the gears okay (except 3rd which gets a bit tricky).

I've changed the gbox oil and lubed all the mechanisms to the gearbox. Any ideas ? Could it be worn clutch ? Seems strange to me that the problem only occurs when the engine is hot, though if anything it should be the other way round ...
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i have the same problem. if replacing the linkage had little effect then i think i know what my problem is: where the linkage goes into the gearbox. mine improved by externally lubricating where the linkage goes into the box by shoving a the pipe of my oil can up the rubber cover and squiring away. Iv just been living with it assuming its a heat issue (worse after long drives) and i cant do much about it