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Technical Punto Diagnostic


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Oct 15, 2007
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:confused: Does any one out there know the location of the EOBD diagnostic socket on a '51 1.2 8V Punto? I think it's near side on the turret (under bonnet) but not sure...
Also yellow 'engine' light permanently lit on dash, but car runs great. Could it be because I have recently disconnected both lambda sensors (had to remove sump for repair)?
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The socket is on the right hand side of the steering wheel just above your knee in where the fuses are, yes it will be because you have disconnected the lambdas, or have you reconnected them if so they could be damaged or just one of them.
if you turned on the ignition wile you had them unplugged the light will stay on until you have it cleared buy fiat or get the engine temperature a both 80 degrese and go on a short drive more than 8 miles mixed driving

this should turn it off again if not theres a fault

but if you did not turn the key with them unplugged you may have damaged the wires to them

a new lambda probe will be 66 quid from fiat I think

and to be honest after market lambda probes are crap and a waste of time and money

did you turn the lambda probes wile they were still plugged in to remove them from the exhaust or unplug them first
I only unplugged the wiring but left the sensors in place. I failed to reconnect the lower wiring plug properly (it was very dark...) before starting the car. Car is about to get a good thrashing as I am driving to work in it tonight:D
Thanks for the help(y)
If you have reconnected the senor/s and there is no fault with it then the light will go out after 3 drive cycles, this is a legislated requirement. A drive cycle refers to an engine warm-up from say 25degC to normal op. temp. Just switching off and restarting is not a warm-up. The rear sensor (post cat) is used to diagnose a failed cat. It will not affect the performance of the vehicle and you disconnect it for good if you like, but the MIL light will always be on.
:) Light has now gone off as the car has completed the 3 drive cycles. Only down side is I now have a DTC reader that I don't need...Oh well at least I can use it next time...and it still cost less than taking it back to the dealer.

Invaluable info and thanks to all!!!