Styling Punto alloys on a sei

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Styling Punto alloys on a sei


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May 13, 2005
Anyone got some pics of a seicento with mk1 punto sporting alloys?

Also will 165/55/r14 fit the 14inch punto/sei abarth wheels?

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never seen any pics of Sei with those wheels, but im sure those tyres would fit, maybe abit thin?? i have 175s on my sei abarth wheels, and had 185s on my GT wheels...
Should make the profile a little thinner tho... what width are the punto alloys? 6inch?
They are 5 1/2J wide so same as Sei Abarth wheels, and check the off-set the Punto GT wheels i had were offset 45mm so you need 15mm spacers all round and still retaining the 3mm standard spacers up front to acheive the correct 30mm offset, or if running 185/50 14 rubber then aim for same offset as Sei Abarth wheels which are offset 36mm no spacers on rear, but have 10mm spacers on the front, so front off-set 26mm, so 10mm spacers on rear as you will not get 9mm ones and then on front 20mm spacers losing the 3mm ones this would give rear offset 35mm and front offset 25mm, only 1mm out from Sei Abarth set up.

HTH, Aaron.
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