Technical Punto 1.2 8V MK2 2006, engine swap from 2003 MK1

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Technical Punto 1.2 8V MK2 2006, engine swap from 2003 MK1


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Feb 9, 2022

I admit. I have joined to get an answer to a question, so I'm a newbie here.

Anyway, brought a 2006 MK2 1.2 8V for my daughter who has just passed her test. Found that the slipping clutch was due to completely shot gearbox bearing meaning oil sprayed into the bell housing and contaminated the clutch.

Anyway brought a secondhand engine and gearbox from a breakers. Done 25k mileage less than the original but is a 2003 MK1 engine and gearbox.

I've swapped over the engine and gearbox (new clutch and release bearing) and swapped the ECU off the back of the fuel injection inlet manifold of the original engine.

I did take off the cam belt but put it back to test taking care not to move the teeth, and with the flywheel and cam timing marks aligned, but this might not have been good enough?

However it won't start but will "pulse/hunt" when turning over implying a bit of a firing. I've now got a new timing belt ready to fit.

So my question is have I missed a big "no no" with swapping MK1 and MK2 engines? Both engines have a CAM sensor.

Steve, East Kent, UK
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