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General Proud of my Panda!

Dec 5, 2005
Sleepy Suffolk
Hey guys, just a quick note to say that my car flew through it's MOT today (just the fee to pay) and I am so very proud of her - I am sure that Steve will be very pleased to hear that there is another 750 back on the road!
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That's great news! Well done. I hope that my 750 will be back on the road this spring/summer. The more I look at it the more I see needs done. My mechanic had a quick look over it and his exact words were, "anyone sensible would scrap that, it's not worth fixing". This is an ex-Fiat/Alfa mechanic! So naturally I ignored him... :rolleyes:

This weekend it's getting new front disc/pads, a new timing belt, a new fan belt, a new rear hatch and a set of new tyres then it's being insured and going off to Stuartl for welding.

When the mighty 34bhp 4 speed is gurgling along the M1 home from Stuarts with an mot date booked it will all be worth it though. :)

Yours passing it's mot makes me jealous! :p
I bought the car with no MOT so was just so pleased that (with a fair amount of work and TLC) I was able to get the car back on the road with no major costs (so far).

I bought the car (a) so I could get to and from work in (relative) safety after a number of near misses (and two falls) on my push bike and (b) as a hobby. I have always loved the design of the Panda - I wanted to buy one 5 years ago but compromised and ended up buying a 903 (Formula) Uno and no offence to the Uno guys out there it was just not the same.
Steve said:
I agree with that. I've had Unos and they just don't have the same character as Pandas.

What work have you done to the car to get it through the MOT?

Hi Steve.

Not too much work all things considered:

2 x new wheels (£5 each from a scrappy)
Brakes / handbrake
Driveshaft gaiter replaced as torn
Oiled all the doors etc. - it really does make an incredible difference
Changed the front orange lenses for clear ones! (Always wanted a set!)
A really good clean inside and out (even the engine bay) - lots of back2black and colour wax involved!

The K reg. car had 35K on the clock and was in not too bad nick when I got her, obviously garaged until quite recently - but had fallen into some harder times of late. I looked for all the usual Panda faults and could only find a little rust around the rear left hand side seat belt (easily sorted with some hammerite). From what you guys say, my poor old D reg Uno rusted in very similar places to a Panda so I knew what to look for second time around.

The worst thing was I bought the car off e-bay with no V5. I knew the chances of it being nicked were not that great but I could ill afford to flush the £130 I paid for her down the loo so I did feel relieved when the new V5 turned up (£20 to apply for a new one).

I know I have been lucky - I think this is a good example of a late 750 and I will do all I can to keep her roadworthy. I feel like a real Fiat Panda enthusiast now!
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Alan.D said:
Excellent news your efforts obviously worth it.(y)

Thanks for your support along the way Alan, it's been great to meet you guys on the Forum - you are a really nice bunch.

Sorry for some really insane questions so far - I am sure they will keep on coming!