problem with hgt cd changer

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problem with hgt cd changer


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Feb 13, 2007
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hi guys, having a bit of trouble with my cd changer, it has worked fine up until i wanted to change the cds. i managed to get one of my cds out without problems then inserted a different one and it wouldnt read any of the cds that were in. i turned my car off then restarted it to see if it made any difference and 'scan' came up on the hu then it proceeded to say that no cds were inserted and the magazine was empty, now i have 5 cds in the changer that i cant get out or play please help!!!!!
hi i had the same problem its basically broke my freind unless you take it to fiat or a electrician to fix but will cost a small fortune
cheers dude, think ill be calling in a favour from my dads workmate lol dont fancy paying fiat prices especially if they gonna say i need a new one!!
good news! the problem seems to have sorted itself, i got my hubby to disconnect the battery and reconnect it, that didnt seem to do owt, but i got in my car about an hour later and the changer was loading the cds so i switched to cd changer and it played them no problems,the only thing its doing now is skipping on some of the tracks but that is something its always done and ive learnt to live with now lol :)