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Technical Poor starting update!


Mar 13, 2023
Hi all, right i may have made a breakthrough with the poor cold starting issue on my 2007 1.9 Multjet. After many an hour under the bonnet swapping glow plugs, injectors, fuel filter etc i was beginning to run out of options. Anyway whilst trawling Ebay I noticed another Sedici for sale and it said in the description it had a switch fitted on the coolant sensor to aid starting, strange I thought. Then whilst trawling the forums another Fiat owner with an older 1.9 engine said that there’s would only start from cold with the coolant sensor disconnected so I thought I’d give it a try. I disconnected the sensor and turned on the ignition. Now the glow plug light stayed on for over 5 seconds which it’s never done and it literally started straight away and it’s not been started for a week. Only problem is it makes the cooling fan run constantly and has also put the engine light on. So I’ve ordered a new sensor and will update when fitted. Fingers crossed! 😬


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Thanks for updating this which may well benefit someone else.
No difference with new coolant sensor, also tried a second hand glow plug relay to no avail. Trawling other forums of other cars with same engine the 1.9 does suffer with this cold start problem a lot. One thing that does come up a lot is lazy starter motor so for the price of a second hand one on fleebay I might give that a try. Just foxes me why with the coolant sensor disconnected the glow plug light stays on for much longer and it starts fine 🤷