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General Please excuse me whilst I rant


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Feb 11, 2006
Argggg! :mad: this afternoon I ran through a pothole, no ordinary pothole, 5inches of evil Scottishness, The pothole knocked part of the inside of my alloy wheel flat and as such it knocks everytime the wheel goes around. So I'm forced to drive around with a space saver until I get it sorted (although it may be unrepairable). Not only that, but this is the 2nd, :mad: Yes, 2ND! Time its happened within 3 months, not to mention that my back axel became bent, and one of the suspension arms broke due to the amount of holes my car has to go through almost every day...

You'd think councils would be a bit more active in repairing these massive holes in the road, they just get worse and worse.

On a positive note, they are repairing the bottom of my street next week, although the diversion will take everyone around another road which is becomming just as bad :rolleyes:.

Anyway, thanks for reading :eek:

And if anyone has a spare Seicento Sporting rim lying about they would sell to me I'd be greatful (y)
5 inches!?You havent seen potholes till youve been to Ireland.Theres actually a monstrous pothole on a road near where I work that takes up half the width of the road!!!!You could fit both your front wheels into it.The route I drive daily is peppered with sand and gravel quarries so your car is NEVER clean but thats the least of your worries.
In under a year I had these "breakages":
MX5(lowered):Knocked a hole in sump on a grapefriut sized rock-fortunately no engine damage done.
Kadett(Astra)GSI(GTE)16valve:Bonnet,Windscreen,Bumper,roof and front headlight damaged by rock flying off back of gravel lorry going up a hill bouncing forward off bumper and bouncing back onto bonnett,screen and roof.(Unreal!)
AX GT:15" Compomotive alloy collapsed in a V shape over a huge pothole.Scary
I used get the tracking done in the Kadett once every month or two from hitting potholes.Wheels bigger than15" in Ireland make no sense on B roads....