Styling Pic up for some people :p

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Styling Pic up for some people :p


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Aug 1, 2005

Not the best of pictures! I just washed it so that explains the water dripping :D Still have to lower it,paint calipers and make the GT bumper/mesh combo :D

I'm thinking of tinting lights, opinions?? too much black?
lookin sweet mate, how much you lowering it by?

no need to touch the lights looks awesome as it is

great work, loving the wheels

keep it up(y)
wot bout a performance exhaust or an exhaust cover?
also ever thought of a spoiler with a brake light on it theres a couple on ebay at the moment quite cheap to.

wen you have time have a quick look(y)
Looking hot dude, I gotta agree with the comment on the wheels, they suit it perfectly.

Dont lower it too much, 40mm max would look awesome.

I like the idea of the red calipers, good colour choice.

Leave the lights as is, would be too black if you did them IMO

Anyway Good Job Fella (y)
Thanks guys :D I appreciate the nice comments =)
yes, im probably going to lwoer 40mm rear, 45 front, (bigger arch gap :( )

and i might just look for a spoiler :p and I am going to leave the lights as they are, thanks for opinions guys :D

oh, and, exhaust.. bit pricy at the mo as im looking for a full lowering kit =(
but a cover? maybe? views on that anyone? i cant find punto ones anyway =/ lol
What did you type in ebay for the spoilers? i cant find any =/ i can only find WRC spoilers, you think they would suit my 5 door black?
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Cheers for ebay link n all.

I would search alot ahrder, but i'm flooded with assignments form college, har d to do anything else =/ thanks tho.
thankyou all for nice comments :D

yeah, they are Wolfrace Hybrid Shadow Chrome :p

and i might just buy some lights form a scrappy and tight job them myself and see how they turn out? How souhld i do em tho? leave abit of the reflector showing? or? you know?.. and yeah, i cant wait till i lower it :D probably gonna go for 40 rear 45 front.