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Jan 4, 2004
United Kingdom.
Carried out my 24k service today £199 and everything seems to have been done that was meant to be, provided the official service sheet unlike Souls of MK on the 12k service. Also collected the car from my work and bought it back for free.
Hi Hornet

I'm in the same area as you (work over in Watford Business Estate), needing my Punto engine sorting out.

Would you recommend Perrys? I've used the Watford Fiat before and wasn't impressed with their service. I'm 10 mins away from the Amersham garage.

Just got back from having my driveshaft seal done, all seems OK, have orange sealant round the part so they did something!

Not sure how expensive they'd be for out of warranty work, as they are primarily an Alfa dealer. If you are under warranty definatley worth going there, I've been to all the below and Amersham have surpassed them all for service. Let me know if you use them how you get on.

Perrys of Aylesbury
Souls of Milton Keynes
Pinneys of Luton
Curries of Watford - NEVER AGAIN!! At least the other were just poor this place is a Nightmare! Expensive, workshop like a cave and no customer service exists.
Cheers Hornet

I'll give Perrys a call tomorrow to see what to do.

The cars currently at home on my drive, and I don't think it will make it to Amersham, especially up Station Road hill. Best thing to do get the AA to tow it over? I still have my 3 year AA Fiat cover and they towed me home on Friday from Maple Cross.

They only did my Stilo today. Let me know what you think of them as I've not had a problem to date they serviced my first Punto for 3 years and it always came back running much better than when done elsewhere.
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well i work just round the corner from perrys next to amersham station not been there as of yet, do you think its better to go to a fiat garage then a car dealership, i got the car from a car dealership and go back for repairs and such seems cheap :) well next time ill pop into perrys and have a look around :) do they do custom bodywork hehe :)
I am booked in to Perrys for tomorrow morning now. :)

Just need to get the car there. Does anyone know if the AA cover that comes with new Fiats covers moving from home to repair places?


(Feeling much better than Friday now :) )
Just picked my car up after work today, dropped the keys in this morning.
Good service from them, efficient and no problems.

There was a dodgy rpm count sensor in the enging that wa causing the problem. They put in a new one they had in and it was sorted. Good job my warranty runs until the summer. :)
Mines now going in for a new clutch, sure its the slave cylinder but they say its the clutch. So hopefully they'll fit that OK!
Atomic Wasp said:
Hi Hornet

I'm in the same area as you (work over in Watford Business Estate), needing my Punto engine sorting out.

Would you recommend Perrys? I've used the Watford Fiat before and wasn't impressed with their service. I'm 10 mins away from the Amersham garage.


You work on the Watford business estate? Do you mean Greenhill Crescent? Croxley Business Park?

I live just around the corner from there! Look for the mk1 red Uno on a driveway between the Kia Garage and the Shell Petrol Station. Beep if you drive past :wave:

Curry Motors is rather hopeless I'm afraid to say. Used to be a Toyota dealer, but I can't help but wonder if Toyota wasn't happy with their service and they lost their franchise...

To be fair, they had some teething problems when switching over but their spares department had one very unhelpful guy who was also a real big head. Told me the parts on my car didn't exists because it was pre-1988 and the 1988 on parts wouldn't fit (not true). He also saw my car and told me I shouldn't bother with it and that a Fiesta would be better! Luckily I had the Eper on CD at home I'd already looked up, so threw some part no.s at him and told him to check the parts computer, which he did and he had to swallow humble pie when the parts turned out to be in stock. Tw@t :tosser:

Saying that there was another guy in the parts section, looks like he had a head injury at sometime (trying to be PC here), but he's helpful and a nice person to deal with even though he doesn't know a lot about older Fiats.

As for Perrys in Amersham, the only time I visited them they seemed quite helpful but they never did call me back as promised after saying they were going to contact Fiat GB about a sunroof seal.

I've heard many times that Fiat UK dealers are hopeless when it comes to older cars :( Then again, Bushey Breakers normally comes up trumps (y)
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It would appear I drive past you twice every day then uno. :)
I work down Greenhill Crescent, a road with plenty of car people. We are between the new Citroen/Suzuki place and Renault/Old Rover etc.:D

I'll be going back to Perrys I think for next services etc.

There is Chalfont Motor Company round the corner from where I live who should be good for services otherwise.
I work in Clarendon Road, and got my wifes new Picasso down Broads on 1st March.

I spoke to the tech at Curries when it opened and he said 'Toyota are to fussy about hygiene and workshop conditions, but Fiat gave as a franchise'!! I wouldn't go near the place again. They are rude & aggresive to customers, when I collected a car once a woman if front was going made about damge theyd done and the service manager, appeared and asked her to leave and started threatning libel action! Thye also manage to be expensive than Pinneys in Luton which is quite hard to achieve!

Perrys have my car next week for a creaking clutch, as I've said elsewhere I think its the slave they say its the clutch, don't mind as long as they fit it OK and will do slave after if it is that. The d/s seal they renewed is also still leaking so having doubts now!

That only leave me the new Hemel Fiat dealer as untried as I've been to all the others around here!
I took my stilo into Souls yesterday and cannot complain on the service I got. I was dropped off at work then picked up 3 hours after to collect my car.

I am very angry with Perry's in Bletchley as I bought my Stilo from them and it has been a real pain getting jobs done on the car. I probably shouldn't knock the garage but the salesman is useless.........