General Panda 4x4 restauration adventure

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General Panda 4x4 restauration adventure


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Apr 7, 2022
Hello Guys,

let me introduce you to a couple of st**id guys, who bought 3 Panda 141 4x4 in Poland with Slowenian Papers - unseen. :-D

Our story begins:
We love to built MTB-Trails at our place. Thats why we came for the idea of buying Fiat Pandas 4x4. Because they get stupidly expensive, we were looking for some - lets call it - project cars. We found the polnish seller and bought them.
When they arrived, the engines worked and everything was fine but after a couple of days of removing plastics and using a torch for checking the cars, we found out, that they are all full of rust. I mean: they are just rust....

Because we want to challenge ourselfs and we think, this will be quiet a lot of fun, we decidede to realy try to build cars out of this rustcans.

I will try to keep you up to date in this threat how everything works. At some points, we already need parts which are not easy to get. thats why i additionaly want to ask for parts in this thread, in case someone can help us out.

To get a better overview over the rustcans we bought:

Silver one: Trekking 4x4 1998 1100MPI (Crashed Front Left side, Rockers rusted, floor panel rusted, Rear floor panel rusted, rear wheel houses rusted)
Black one: Trekking 4x4 1994 1100 Bosch (Rockers rusted, floor panel rusted, Rear floor panel rusted, rear wheel houses rusted, rear frame rusted, rear panel rusted, front end rusted)
Green one: Trekking 4x4 1997 1100MPI (Rockers rusted, Floor Panel rusted)

The silver one is especially mine, thats why you will get the most pictures of this rustcan.


As following there are a coiple of picture of what I started with.
There is also a picture of what part i am looking for because of the front crash.