Technical Pacer Idling Trouble Please Help

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Technical Pacer Idling Trouble Please Help


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Nov 30, 2015
Can someone please assist
Bought a 97 pacer end of last year. Have done minor diy basics , oil change , plugs etc but last week out of nowwhere she would not idle.
I havent touched anything in the engine for over a month , only replaced the vacuum pipe and its secured .
To be able to drive i have to use the choke , totally messing up incredible fuel consumption , when driving im now idling 2000 going to 1000 up and down all the time , the term i remember this as is "hunting" if i drive 60 + in other words open her up , no jerking , but if i decellerate i feel the jerking, like a misfire or something.....! She idles irregular then goes up , then down.....
I was advised by a mechanic (friend of friend) that i should look at the HT leads. I checked to see if any sparks coming off or arcing with lights off, didnt see any but replaced them in any case as they looked well driven!
I have seen some similar problems on here , so im trying to get to the bottom of this . The mechy has also suggested that one of the plugs could be dead , if that doesnt work , look at the CDI module on the i going to solve this ??? My next step is to change the plugs , which i did about 3 months back , if that doesnt work the module???? If that doesnt work where should i look next?????? Any help would be gladly appreciated , this car has been regularly serviced , is in very good body shape etc , has over 225k on the clock , 1400 motor
Is this is carb or fuel injection one? I own 1.0 I.E. A single port injection model. It had the same issue and once I replaced the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) problem solved.
Hi Andy

Can you send us a picture of the engine bay with the airbox etc removed so we can see what it all looks like please?
jeez guys thanks for replies, had internet issues..... will send pics soonest core , chamitri , its a 1400 carb , mechy says something is coocoo inside the carb and its a sealed part or something??? still doing 15km/ltr so its not effecting performance but she hunts 1000 to 1500 rpm all the time , frustrating