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Apr 24, 2007

I have a P reg Uly - every so often i have a week where for no reason the car stalls - it starts up no problem but then stalls again - the idler seems to no longer work so as soon as you take off the power the car stalls...this will go on for about a week but then just disappear as quick as it came, i will then get 2 months of smooth running then bang into the week of mayhem - now i would just put up with it but i have stalled in some dodgy places (middle of roundabout ect) and when it stalls i loose the power sterring which is not good when you are going round a corner or bend at 30.

Any help would be appreciated - i do have the wrok manual which i bought off of ebay but lets be truth here i am no mechanic
Is it only when cold or at any time. Petrol / Diesel.
I have a petrol ulysse that does this but its only when cold, and it does it every morning not on & off like yours. The current thought is a faulty coolant temp sensor, but its still on order.

My Uly is a petrol and it is not in the cold it stalls, i could be driving and it will kangaroo on me, then when i put the pedal down there is no power, i come to a stop and it stalls, i start up and it stalls...hope this helps
You are having a lot of the same problems as I am with my w reg petrol. I have had lots of electrical tests done (earths etc), have replaced the battery and idle valve and am about to replace the double relay which runs the coil and fuel pump. If it works I will let you know as this would be a quick, easy and reletively cheap (£40) fix. Watch this space!!
would be greatful dude - cost me £132 to replace the Idle, filled the tank fully up about another £75 - so i have tried two of the fixes, decided to put it into my local garage and have a word with the mechanic - i am getting a bit pissed off stalling at junctions andm taking 5 - 10 minutes not to start the car but to get the bloody thing to move
Got the coolant temp sensor today.
Fitted myself in 5 mins, and started it from cold, it ran fine and didn't cut out or chug, chug, chug like it would have done before.
I have yet to start from in the morning when temp is even lower but i think its done the trick.
For the sake of £22 it might be worth a try.
You have to take out the airbox, and the sensor is above the flywheel at the end of the cylinder head. 19mm spanner and it screws out. Some water leaks out too so top up will be needed.