Technical overtemp pease go away! help! I'm cold!

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Technical overtemp pease go away! help! I'm cold!


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Feb 5, 2006
I've mk2 punto 1.2 8v, last wk when starting up the air blowers remained cold (on the hot setting) even though the engine was warmed up and the engine was ticking over a bit funny, chugging abit, like it was out of timing, later in the journey the engine started to overheat, pulled in and switched it off the engine, left the battery on (the fan had kicked in once past halfway as usual) checked the coolant lvl, nd it was fine, eventually (several stops/cooldowns later) got home. I have now flushed the system, replaced the thermostat and refilled with coolant and bled the system. was working fine for a day nd :bang:

now the wierd thing is (engine still chugging) that its still overheating blowing cold air until I Rev (engine stops chugging) bout 3000rpm nd the blowers get nice nd hot nd the engine doesn't overheat, leave it sit back to idle nd the blowers go cold again. wats goin on? I thought it was air pockets but have bled it several times now until fluid flowing out. my next thought is that its the water pump, its driven by the timing belt is it? or is it just in the way, none the less any pointers you could give me would be great! HELP! thanks

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sorry to say mate, sounds like your headgaskets gone, I had same problems with my old 1.2 8v punto

cold heaters, overheating etc etc

changed the thermostat, got coolant system bled etc etc worked for a day then it nearly melted.

Get it down to a garage to have a look at it, theres a test they can do to see if the gaskets gone, but thats what it looks like to me, pretty expensive to fix, I managed to get a local trusted garage to change headgasket including skimming the head and MOT my car for £360, so theres hope there if you have a good trusted garage.
Yippy! White smoke! and it doesn't mean a new pope! does mean a hole in my pocket though!:(
Have a few trusted options from friends in the business thankfully, gonna go along for a peak, see the whole hg show, good timing really, gonna get the belt (and belt cog bearing... which I hear is a must on puntos as they go after a new belt or 2) and waterpump done, as there due. oil, filters, plugs nd collant obvious, nd she'll be as good as new! thanks for the tips lads, think I new deep down twas, just was wishing the dreded fiat head gasket that I'd been slagged about since I got the car would just happen to everyone else! still wouldn't change her for the world, the little beaut! will let ya's know how I get on. Cheers:slayer: