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Oct 25, 2003
My tonsils started feeling sore last night and when i looked in the mirror i had white spots on my right tonsil.

Its been sore all day and when i looked in the mirror just one the right one is a lot bigger than my left.

Since April last year i have had tonsilatus (sp) about 5 times now :(

When will i be able to get them taken out?!

Anyone had thiers out?

Its doing my head in now - i get it about every other month :bang:
5 times in a year? Do you even remember what it feels like to have normal tonsils?! :eek:
Trancendental said:
Don't you get an either real deep or real squeeky high pitch voice when you get them removed?

No Tranc that when you sniff to much of that GAS :D

And to sam real pain in the tonsils ain't it of course your G.P will just shoving pills down you but we all know thats not a long term solution I under stand that the Medical profession actually dont like to take out the tonsils of adults why though I dont know [maybe its to do with their budget who knows :( ]but that doesn't solve your problems does it (n) take care and no mouth to mouth resuscitation with H while your feeling poorly :D
I had mine out when i was 9.

They were enlarged for someone my age, at the time so

(a) was getting sore throats every few days and

(b) as i grew so would they and eventually they would cut off my airway so they came out and it hurts like hell!!!

Forget about solid food for a few days as well!!
Helz said:
The reason they don't take them out is because you statistically more liable to infections with tonsils out than with malfunctioning ones in. Get some Strefen pastilles, they are the daddy of throat pastilles :)

Each time i have been to the docs they have given me anti biotics and told me to gargle salt water three times a day...

I would rather have them out than leave them in, having it this number of times in so little time isnt good.
I used to get tonsillitis roughly about every six weeks, until the doctor got sick of looking at me and referred me to the hospital...:(
I had my tonsils out in May last year...(n)

It delayed my picking up my new Panda...:bang: :cry: :bang:

Stayed in hospital one night. Felt okay next day when going home, but later that day the drugs wore off and then felt the pain... :(
Sleeping was difficult... I got roughly two hours kip before the drugs wore off each night and that was me for the night. This continued for about 4 weeks so I was a walking zombie with a nice car in the driveway but as I felt so tired I couldn't drive it. :cry: :rolleyes: :cry:
Went back to work after 5 weeks off sick. Nice doctor gave me a line to go back to work on a Thursday, so I didn't have to do a full week...(y)

On the bright side, I haven't had any problems since...:)
Tell your doctor that you want them out now...
I should have been referred when I was 18 or 19...
It's worse the older you get... Unfortunately I'm old :cry:
99sei said:
ive got tonsillitis now (bacteria tonsillitis) its horrible :yuck:

my tonsils are black and white, cant even swallow my saliva with out it hurting. feel sorry for you having it 6 times in a year :eek:

ewww black and white :eek: mine just got white with the infection.

Its hurting slightly to swallow but I think it will be worse tomorrow :(

Got mum to have a look before she said my right tonsil is really big (n)
bloomfieldliam said:
I had my adenoids and tonsils removed in 1987, was pretty much the standard procedure back then.

Just demand you get them out Sammi.


Thats what i had done in 1993

a road map, in case someone gets lost in there......
As Helz said, the medical theory now is that tonsils DO serve a purpose and for that reason they are reluctant to have them removed unless absolutely necessary. One theory is that they are linked to the immune system, and they also act as the first port of call for any bacteria that enters via the mouth/ airways.

However, they can become problematic all of a sudden and lead to recurring bouts of tonsilitis. Only after a number of frequent bouts will your doctor consider referring you to a throat specialist.

Also worth bearing in mind that not everyone gets the same symptoms from tonsilitis. I used to get it about twice a year when I was kid which wasn't sufficient to have them removed. Then I had it 12 times in 18 months between 1999 and 2001 :bang: and it wasn't very nice at all. I didn't suffer so much from sore throats, instead I felt like I had a bout of flu with a swollen neck and glands. This is because there are a large amount of blood vessels in the tonsils, and when they get infected you end up with bacteria or viruses getting straight into the blood stream. The effect is similar to blood poisoning, and in a couple of bad cases I became almost delirious and felt really ill for a week. Not nice at all.

After taking weeks/ months off work because of tonsilitis, plus getting fed up with shoving anti-biotics down my throat all the time (long term use of these isn't a good thing either) I went back to my doctor. She'd seen that I'd had it on average about once every six weeks, so I finally got referred to an ENT hospital. The hospital tried to put me off having them out, but after I pointed out that I'd had so many bouts and it was affecting my job/ life they agreed to go ahead.

So at the grand old age of 33 I finally had them removed. The op wasn't too bad (they use a cauteriser now rather than a scalpel to remove them), except they won't let you out of hospital unless you are eating properly. And that means toast! Jelly and ice cream are a thing of the past (except for kiddies maybe), as now they find that coarse foods help keep the operation site clean and stops scar tissue building up. But don't worry, you are dosed up on very strong painkillers so it doesn't hurt at all.

I got sent home with a load of water soluable painkillers, but after the anaesthetic wore off my throat started to hurt. I was told that the pain would get worse before it got better, and that it would take about five days before it subsided so I put up with it.

However, it got worse and worse, until on the 5th day I was in agony. Think red hot pokers going through your neck and swallowing water feeling like swallowing razor blades :bang:

I went to the doctor the next day, and she saw that I'd picked up a secondary infection. This is a common complaint for adult tonsilectomies. Got put on some anti-biotics, but it still hurt like hell and the following day I couldn't talk let alone swallow anything other than water.

The day after that I coughed and felt something warm in my throat. Went to the sink to spit it out and spewed out blood all over the place. Turned out that I'd haemorraged... Got rushed back to hospital where I was put on an anti-biotic IV for 48 hours, which finally did the trick. On the third day I was allowed back home again, and at last the pain was gone.

After that, it took about six weeks to learn to swallow properly again as tonsilectomies mess up the functions of the muscles in your throat. You have to retrain them!

After all that, I was finally free of my tonsils. And I was SO glad that I'd had them removed. No more bouts of tonsilitis, and I got far less throat problems/ infections than I used to. Even though I had secondary complications, I still don't regret having them removed, not one little bit. I'm just glad to be rid of the damn things as they gave me grief for years.

Not trying to put you off Sammi, just relating my experience!

So Sammi, if you've had it more than five times in one year, I'd push your doctor for a referral. When it starts affecting your job and life it really needs to be dealt with.

However, if you only get it a couple of times a year that probably won't be enough to have them removed (unless you go private).

Oh, one last thing. There is a waiting list (of course), and when I was put on it I had to wait a year before I had the op. Not sure what it's like up where you are, but this was down in London.

Hope you're feeling better, and you have my sympathies as tonsilitis is not very nice at all.

Best of luck!

Thanks Chas

I appreciate what your post.

I had it 4 times from April - August last year, I had it again about October i think so this will be about the 6th time.

I have only had it really bad about three times, when i was in really bad pain seems to be every other time i get it.

Its just sore atm, its no where near as bad as it can get. I am expecting it will be tomorrow when I will get the most pain. With any luck it wont be anywhere near as bad as it was when I had it at Hs.... He said he could smell the infection on me :yuck:
sammiboo said:
My tonsils started feeling sore last night and when i looked in the mirror i had white spots on my right tonsil.

Its been sore all day and when i looked in the mirror just one the right one is a lot bigger than my left.

Since April last year i have had tonsilatus (sp) about 5 times now :(

When will i be able to get them taken out?!

Anyone had thiers out?

Its doing my head in now - i get it about every other month :bang:

it depends of ur doctors, I had mine out when i was 11 cos i constantly god it all the time, it's also an age thing as mad as it sounds about 5 years ago my dad went through a bout of getting it all the time, but cos of his age they wouldn't do it:bang:

just ask ur doctor to refer u to the ENT dept at ur hospital and mayb fingers crossed they might
1986Uno45S said:
The op wasn't too bad (they use a cauteriser now rather than a scalpel to remove them)
Isn't it Roald Dahl's Boy where he talks about when he had his adenoids out? I remember reading that as a young boy, and that image has stuff with me since :yuck:
Not heard of that story H! Some of Roald Dahls stuff could be a bit weird, so not surprisingly you felt :yuck: after reading it!

Charmed103, age is only partially a factor as an adult tonsilectomy is a higher risk than a child tonsilectomy. More risk of post operative problems and the recovery time is much longer. Plus, you need to have recurring bouts over a period of time before they will decide that it will be a long term problem and refer you to an ENT specialist.

Sammi, you've managed to get tonsilitis 6 times in one year, so I'd start pushing your doctor for a referral. Sounds like you're going to be susceptible to this condition and it isn't likely to go away :(

And I know what you mean about 'tonsilitis breath'! Smells disgusting! :yuck: Plus it is also contageous. I got dragged into work with tonsilitis once as they were desperate for me to train one of the staff, and I managed to give it said member of staff who ended up off work for a week :eek: All I did was sit next to them...

Best of luck Sammi, and do push your Dr. for a referral.