Technical oil leak Help me please dont know anthing !

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Technical oil leak Help me please dont know anthing !


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Jan 4, 2006
just bought a punto 55 sx 1108 M reg a couple of months ago great little runner but has sprung an oil leak, my next door neighbour said it looks as if its coming from underneath but also the seal looks as if its gone, all Double Dutch to me, also the water bottle for wipers leaks, been reading posts and dont know if I would be able to do it myself or how much to expect to pay to get fixed.

any advice MOST WELCOME
thanks jay
most common thing to leak oil on these engines is the valve cover (rocker cover) it can drip down and look like its coming from the bottom, its an easy fix, air box off then 4 bolts out, clean surfaces apply some blue hylomar and fit new seal/gasket put back together.
washer bottle is take wheel off remove wheel arch liner then toy will see bottle probably be a split in the hose.

btw welcome to here
Your washer bottle leak should be an easy fix as long as it is a pipe connection , or the actual bottle itself. If it is the bottle the application of some decent silicon adhesive/sealant should do the trick, Make sure the bottle is empty and the area of the repair clean and dry , then simply apply the sealant over the hole and leave it a few hours to dry/cure properly before filling the bottle again. Silicon sealant is bloody good stuff, it is used in engines to seal pressurised areas that are prone to both Heat, vibration and solvents. it is also flexible and so ideal for use on polythene and soft plastics.

Oil leaks are a little more problematic to trace, especially if they have been there a while. Unless the source of the leak is blatantly obvious, you may need to give the engine a really good clean down, using a good engine cleaner/de-greaser ( eg GUNK) to better trace where its coming from. Once you know what's actually leaking you will be able to effect a proper repair.
I had an oil leak about 18 months ago from my Y10 engine it's a Fire engine similar to Punto took me ages to track it down looked like a sump gasket or somewhere near the oil filter. in the end we found a tiny split in the oil pump gasket at about 3'oclock position looking from crank pulley end.
Like dave said its most probably the rocker cover (or cam cover if you are fussy like some :p ) Best way to diagnose is to clean the engine bay fairly well and then aftera 5 min drive, check for fresh oil. I did my Coil pack mount the other day (the bit that Dave was talking about) as i had an oil leak. All i did was unscrew the two nuts and one bolt (one is hidden under the coil pack) hold a rag underneath as not to get too oily (there wont be much oil though) and take it off, i had a spare O ring in stock the right size to i took the old one off and cleaned the part well removing as much oil as i could then put the new o ring on and Hylamar'd right around the o ring (liberal amount required) and replaced the item, and tightened it up.

NOTE - If you do this be carefull not to over-tighten the bolts as they can crack the lumium parts on the coil pack holder and the cylinder head which would cost £££'s Just nip the bolts and nut up so they're JUST tight, then give them a half extra turn (y)
Thanks to all who replied, this information has helped a lot. Will certaintly give it a go, would not have done so if not for your advice