Technical Oil & Filter change today - bit of mayo :(

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Technical Oil & Filter change today - bit of mayo :(


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Jan 5, 2003
Just changed the oil and filter on my M-reg 55SX exactly a year since last did it. 52896 miles otc. The car has been doing some short trips, and quite a few 80 mile motorway runs in the past year.

The oil was black but clean, but there was a bit of mayo around the oil plug, and also a bit more in the gauze leading to the air filter. I cleaned both and popped them back but I'm wondering could this be symptomatic of early head gasket going, maybe just in the middle? I've heard of a few going in the 50k region before. In all honesty it could probably do with a new clutch, or at least cylinder, so that could be combined if necessary. But does anything else spring to mind?

Should point out the car is running at normal temperature (1/3-just under half gauge).