General oil and filter change

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General oil and filter change


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Mar 26, 2016
Autodoc, gives me two options of oil filters, to my Dobló 1.9 JTD 2008.
One 64mm high and the other 74mm. Wath´s the difference?? wich one is better and why?

About the oil, i´ve been using through the years, Selénia WR, but i´m not shure of wich is the factory specification.
Do anyone knows, wich is the recomended one by the factory?
It is not which filter is better, it is which type Fiat decided to fit at that point in production.
I had similar with a 2010 Doblo 1.6 multijet and it was only when off the van I could see the difference.
Can you get supplier to send both and return the one you don't use?
I used 10/40 synthetic in the 2005 reg 1.9 JTD MPV I had.
Has yours got a DPF filter, if so it will need a low ash oil?
Others here on Forum can give specific detail. That oil worked for my non DPF model until I sold it with 220k miles