Technical Noise from rear wheels??????

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Technical Noise from rear wheels??????


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Oct 6, 2007
I brought a set of 15" Arbarth alloys for my MK2 Fiat Punto (2002) today, as soon as they were fitted there was the worst metalic rubbing noise coming from the rear wheels, they dont touch or make contact with anything else and cant see that it can be rubbing on anything (not yet lowered and so plenty or room around the wheel arch!) and so have had to take them off (gutted) I have now put the old wheels back on and the noise has stopped. Has anyone eles experienced this problem?
is that a commen problem?was making a kind of noise that sounded like it was coming from the brakes.
the new ones we got are longer than the standard ones,are the standard ones from the steelies up to the job?
hey, have you tried swapping the front and back wheels around? And see if there is still a sound.

You will notice on the drums as well, that there are two centering pins. Might be worth taking them off, re-fit the wheel, and see if theres still a sound. These pins are not actually needed, they just help fitting the wheels back on. I never had any problems with the pins left in, but take them off just to rule out if its causing the problem.

i'll pm if i can think of anything else
it definatly isnt catchin on anything,made doubly sure before taking them back off,as for the bolts we havnt checked if they are all the same,we will get on to it....
yeahh sid we swaped the wheels around a couple of times,still did it...

Checked bolts,they are all the same except the locking ones are shorter.
hhmmm, quite strange. Never had a problem with the locking nuts and the other wheel bolts.

When you swapped the front/ back wheels over, where the back wheels still squeaking, or is it the specific alloy wheel which is squeaking?
I agree with puntoboy. Sounds like your new wheel nuts are too long and are catching on the internals of the rear breaks. When you remove the nuts you will probably see some damage on the ends of them if you have been driving it. Set of new nuts to the fiat specific length should do it!

Good luck
I have managed to get shorter bolts and hey presto one set of fully working alloys!!

Thanks for all the advise much appriciated. :)

Now where did i put those lowering springs....:chin: