Technical No sound!!!

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Technical No sound!!!

Grande punto88

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Jan 20, 2007
There i was listening to the radio in the gp, and pop all the sound had gone from the radio. the screen on the radio was still functioning. so i switched the car off and bck on. all was ok.

then it went again with a slight crackle. opened and closed the door and it was working again. maybe a loose connection somewhere.. The sounds output just keeps coming and going......

I have the ipod wire, wasnt listening to it very loud, maybe it had enough and counldnt deal with my taste in music lol????
probably a loose connection on the back of the head unit IIRC there are 2 multiplugs one for the speakers, and one for the power supply and probably another for the Blue and me if you have that....

then again if your running an I-pod through a line in if you had the I-pod turned up loud the amp might have cut out due to the i pod pusing too much power on the line-in try using your I-pod turned down low and adjust the sound via the head unit..