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General no joy for joy-tuning


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Dec 27, 2005
well my joy-tuning body kit is getting fitted on friday by the pro's after me and my mate had no joy.:bang: the front bumper is about 3 cm out on 1 side which isn't alot but its enough as on driver side front wing it just dont fit we then tried the back and thats even worse the brackets dont match up either side so booked it in to the body should be sorted by next weekend.

so after the kit is fitted and sprayed looking to get some extra bhp already have my pipercross induction kit fitted but still cant make my mind up about exhaust it needs to come out the normal side exit as kit has big open on that side.thinking more and more maybe janspeed system and janspeed 4 branch Manifold dont know how much extra bhp it will give.


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no just to fit it they said its going to take a bit of wot you think about exhaust then you ever seen a cinq with a janspeed does it sound any good.
only just bought the induction kit only paid 25 pound for it new.if i get an exhaust made was thinking 4" jap style going to have a word with powerflow when kit is on b4 i buy 1 see if it can be much bhp will the 40mm throttle body give.
so were do i get this mkritch chip from and how much does it cost and wot power will it give me have been looking at super chip for about £250
kingdanny1st said:
so are they any good has any1 had the chip in for a long period of time.

highly rated, and i beleive i was the first person bar Michael to be running one. Ran it on my old engine, and still got it on my tuned 1242 engine.