No claims provisional license?

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No claims provisional license?


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May 4, 2006
Passed my test the other day and have been shopping around for insurance for my R- reg 1.4 brava.

The cheaperst I have probably gotten is around £1700 which is bloody nuts considering the car is only worth a couple of hundred quid.:bang:


I was wondering I had insurance last year with the AA on the same car with my dad (down as first driver 10 yrs NC etc...) and me down with a provisional license. Costing for that TPFT it came to around £630.

Now with me named on that policy for that year even on a provisonal license would that not count as 1yr no claim for me?:confused:
I went with Admiral myself but while I was searching I found Quinn Direct would sometimes accept a 1 year NCB if you could send them the old insurance certificate as proof you were a a named driver on another policy with no claims.
The cost of your insurance would probably drop if you did the pass plus course. You'll have to spend a lot of time on the web and on the phone talking to insurance companies, there are a lot of different factors they take into account. Congrats on passing your test.(y)