newbie here :) - Mini to 100HP???

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newbie here :) - Mini to 100HP???


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Oct 16, 2007
Hey guys!

Nice forum you have here, just browsing through as seriously considering a Panda 100HP.

Currently driving a Focus ST and my wife has a Mini One convertible (a massive 90bhp!) - considering swapping the Mini for the 100HP. Basically the 5 doors will be handy in the future and it would be nice to chop in the 3 year old car for a new one and still get a bit of cash back!

Now I can see all the virtues of the Panda, I love what it stands for, its funky cheeky style, its chic, and its fun handling and nippyness (is that a word?!), however Mrs arbee is not yet convinced. (She obviously doesnt read Evo mag lol)

Not driven one yet, and not even been to see one in the metal but just want to build up my case pro-panda before we do!

Anyone else traded from the perceived 'quality' of a mini to the panda? I appreciate its not far of half the cost but am I (we!) going to notice too much?

Any tips to strengthen my case!?!
hi and welcome, one won't shred gearboxes in the panda :p

but seriously, I love mine to bits, worth every penny and awesome fun
Hey! Welcome!

My cousin traded in her Mini cooper for a Panda 100hp and she absolutely loves it! She really has no complaints with it at all and so far, its actually been more reliable (touch wood) (y)
Thanks guys :) anyone know of any in the Harlow area that I could have a poke around in?

Whats the chances of a broker-matching discount from a main dealer???!
The 100hp is the best Fiat available by far - but i would say that ;)

Just visit the Panda section, plenty of us 100hp owners in there