Technical Newbie Advice?

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Technical Newbie Advice?


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Jul 7, 2023
North Carolina
Greetings! I have the opportunity to purchase a 1975 124 coupe and I'm having trouble finding a forum dedicated to these cars as well as much information and tech support for them. I actually sold for Fiat in 1977 as well as Lancia and the 124 was phased out for the new 131's. But occasionally we'd see one and I always liked them. Recently I started looking and found one that is owned by an older gentleman and appears to be solid and running.
But my concern is the lack of support online, having owned many other cars during my life. I know I would need help via forum members to sort it out and enjoy it.
I am aware that the spider is very similar, so I was hoping this group would be able to supply that support. if not, please direct me to the appropriate group.
So, finding a 124 coupe in the states seems to be extremely hard to do. Very few seem to be advertised and most are pretty bad with the rust. Spider's are plentiful. Besides having someone check the car out for rust/rot, what are the major items to get checked?
Supposidly the engine was rebuilt a few years ago, new timing belt. According to the owner, the present problems are: headlights don't turn off unless you shut car off and he has a new switch and relay for it: don't have a clue if this would solve this. Also, I think he has an abarth exaust and the resonator has a hole in it, yet i can't find anyone selling the middle pipe alone. Tires are old, dash has a crack, but interior and body look very good. he said the only rust was one rocker and the driver's floor pan, which his son, who has a body shop, replaced with metal.
Is a compression test a good idea? Another problem is finding anyone that knows about these cars to check on them.
So, those are my concerns. your advice would be appreciated.