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Jan 31, 2006
Hi there,

I'm new on this forum. Let me introduce myself:
I'm Bjorn, life in beautifull Nijmegen / the Netherlands. My car is a 2003 Fiat Punto HGT Abarth. Bought my love in 2003 (new), during the years the car is build bit by bit ... final result is shown at pictures below.

Few mods are:
-17" Hijion wheels, 195/40-17 in front, 205/40-17 in rear
-Remus final exhaust box, removed center box and cat.
-Cobra coil over (height adjustable in front) approximately 6 cm in front, 4 in rear.
-Pioneer Avic X1 - DVD/Sat.nav.
-Focal speakers/woofer
-MkIIb taillights
-Clear site indicators
-Headlights colorcoded
-Pipercross Viper Carbon airfilter, customized air intake (Samco)
-Sparco strutbrace in front
-Brembo drilled discs in front and rear, combination with Ferodo brake pads

and so much more ....

Here are some pictures of the car


Ah, Nijmegen! Gotta love the Martixx party during the Vierdaagse! It has to be my favourite place in the Netherlands. Cross over the bridge from Nijmegen and your in the country, with winding roads along dikes. I love it!
At the moment my car is in the 'winter-mode' ... 15" Fiat Barchetta wheels, painted in medium dark grey.




Future plan is to replace the Remus exhaust box for the original HGT box. Paint in black, so the exhaust is hidden behind the rear bumper for a smooth look. Have to hink about that, because I like the sound so much at the moment. :cool:
@ Hogan: The vierdaagse party is great (y) Every year one big party. What was the reason You've visted Nijmegen? Did You walk the 4 days march?

@ Dazzdog: Thank You. Nice colour Your GT.
My daily driver - a 1991 Fiat Panda 1000 Sergio Tacchini - incl. 13" Borbet A alloys and 32 Cm Sport steering wheel :) :

Welcome newbie punto person (y) very nice car mate tell me though are your wheels alloys or steelys very unusual :cool:
17": alloy wheels, Hijion X-dynamics. Originally those wheel where dark chrome. These are painted Volvo T5R grey metallic.
15": steel Fiat 'Barchetta' wheels - in use during winter period, winter tyres.
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Tasty! I love it!!

Ive heard of Cobra springs but never Cobra coilovers, are they a Dutch only thing? Could i ask if you bought them from an online company?
These are Cobra Coilovers (suspension kit). I bought it by a local company, who also fiited the wheels and exhaust.
AbarthMkII said:
@ Hogan: The vierdaagse party is great (y) Every year one big party. What was the reason You've visted Nijmegen? Did You walk the 4 days march?

The reason i visited was for work. I work with Ambro (Aannemersbedrijf - I hope thats right). I just go out and party as im usually working there during the vierdaagse.

What do you do work wise?
I work for a company called International Paint. The European distribution centre is stationed in Nijmegen. Do my work as a shipping administrator. There is a factory in Felling/Gateshead.
But You're English? I guess this years summer festivals are in week 29. Can't wait :)
Yeah im English. I do general labouring work out there as the owner and his son are family. The weather is good, the pay is ok, and the women are hot so its a win/win situation. My closest family out there live just off the square where the march finishes so we have a sweet party every year. Perhaps youve seen it? They set up scaffolding outside (multi-tier seating) and have a barbecue!

Hopefully ill be there with a few friends this year.
Haven't seen that yet. Normally I don't see the 4day march by day .. but only the festivals in town .. ;)
When You have the opportunity to come over. It's good fun every year. Free festivals for everybody, lots of woman and alcohol ... damn it's a win-win-situation. :D Last year the weather was quitte good, hopefully this year 2.
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