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Jan 31, 2006
Hi. I have a 55sx 1.1 5dr in silver - m reg and am lookin at ways to try and style it up abit. (My first punto don't really no where to start). Would appreciate some advice! And maybe some pictures or ideas. Cheers Mitch.
wolfracepunto said:
Hi :wave:

If I were you, id stick some 15" alloys on and lower it 30-40mm. Simple as that :D


Punto Mk1's look best in grey and silver (y)

Mine was a normal 55 once as well,so here is some ideas for you

I have some alloys for sale, pm me if interested

Lower it about 40mm, 15's GT skirts to start with, then maybe abarth spoiler. Will look really subtle
Cheers Every1 - is their any performance mods? or is it all a waste of tym in jus a 1.1?
Welcome :)

Well done on owning a Punto!

From experience on the forums, there is not much power/performance to be gained on Punto's lower than 1.4's... I think the best you can do is something stupid like 5bhp max with performance mods (within a price range) heh - I maybe wrong.

Just make it sound like a beast ;) Induction kit (good one) or a few holes in ur air box and a back box with give a deep rev sound. Everybody on the forums is always happy to help, and remember the 'search' button is your friend.

Happy modding!