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Technical New Multipla Owner


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Oct 27, 2007
In the last couple of weeks become the proud owner of an '05 Elaganza 1.6 in the fetching shade of metallic blue.

It's a one owner car with a higher than average mileage, but it's got a full Fiat history and was owned by one of those obsessive about detail owners with receipts for everything down to wiper blades etc.

I'm really impressed with the car so far; we got the Multi 'cos it's one of the few cars that SHMBO and I can agree that we both like! Very pleased with the handling for an MPV and the interior (of course).

I've got the obligatory front suspension clonk and it's already booked into the dealer to be looked at under warranty. Apart from that, the build seems fine.

I enquired with them about the black trim on the doors and they told me this isn't a warranty item. I've read about trying the hair dryer on here (dealer mentioned that also) but is there no permanent fix?

Also, do members rate any of the available warranties for after the Fiat one runs out? Or would I be better putting the same amount of money by every month into a maintenance fund?