Seicento New member for the Uk Hello

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Seicento New member for the Uk Hello


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Jun 5, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I used to have a little cinq sporting as my first car and had alot of fun. That was many years ago now....

We (Me and Mrs) have been given a nice low miles seicento sporting by the inlaws this year so its time to join up:)

Only 29k on the clock so it's very clean. I am going to have to get the mig out on the inner rear arches at some point before winter though and blast and tidy the underside. Original exhaust too so a bit scabby.

I plan to make a few little mods and nothing more. Maybe 30-35mm drop and a brace or two. Without going into low comp turbo set ups etc i dont think theres much point tuning the 1.1 so it's all about handling.

I mucg preferred the cinw wheels too over sei's have to say :/

Anyway hello everyone,

ill get a picture up soon enough

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