General New keys cut cinquecento w reg

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General New keys cut cinquecento w reg


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Oct 2, 2007
I am currently sharing my girlfriends car with her, its a w reg fiat cinquecento, only have one blue key, went to key cutter that said because its later than 1998, cannot be cut. He said that i have to send it to Italy through a fiat garage to get cut. Anyway that this can be avoided and cut, its a type 2 key.
how does code 2 work? can you not cut the transponder out of the key and tape/glue it near the ignition pick-up, job done?

Of course you have effectively removed the immobiliser, but i don't think the are really joy ride targets, just thefts. either way, and after market alarm should have a fuel cut out.

My mum once had a sei key sorted at the dealers, and I remember where they filled the hole with epoxy.

No idea of the electronics/science behind on how it works one of the techs can tell us that and what has been posted on here previous on similar threads

The OP can obv try the bodge job, but with only one key and if it doesnt work you are in sh*t street :p
The code reader sends a code from the the key to the ecu and if it don't go.
I'm shure I read somewhere that the ecu is capable of learning up to 3 maybe 4 codes but how to program them is another matter.