new key for Ducato 2007

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new key for Ducato 2007


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Oct 10, 2014
West Yorkshire
We bought this with only one key - what is the best way to get another one made?

Call Sturgess Fiat - pay for your fiat security codes.
Buy a blank key with a transponder on ebay - cheap.
Take it to a locksmith (not timpsons) and get it cut to match your existing one.

Download Multiecuscan
Buy licence for it.
buy elm cable modified for multiecuscan

Now you have done all the above, you can use Multiecuscan to connect to the car, then use the security code to access the immobiliser and program the key using Multiecuscan.

I managed to get a 2nd had remote key, a new case with blank blade and have programmed it to my car, i still need to program the transponder but thats not very urgent - i still need to get the blade cut first and its not a major important thing - hence i keep forgetting to go get it cut.

Also - do not use timpsons, they wont cut a blade that they have not supplied - this because of the metal in the blade, it might be too strong for their machine or too weak - hence they will only cut blades they supply so take it to an independent shop who will cut just about anything :)