Grande Punto Grande Punto - key stopped working

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Grande Punto Grande Punto - key stopped working


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Mar 9, 2022
Hi all, I have a Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 GPL (2013); the key with remote control stopped working, remote control doesn't work
and immobilizer doesn't let the car start. I've already tried to change battery, but nothing changed.
Replace or clone the key is very expensive; I have the second key, without remote control, and I have the code, but I must find a
solution to have a new working key, in case the working one stops working.
1 - remove immobilizer: don't know the cost, I'll ask to a professional
2 - buy a ODB2 backup device: in this case I need to know what kind of immobilizer I have: how can I know that ? Can anyone help me ?
3 - buy a cheap key programmer: is there a key programmer for my car ?
4 - start the car with an "Emergency Key Access" procedure: I'm unable to find the right one for my car
5 - pay a thief to teach me how to start my car without keys :)

Can anyone help me to find the better solution and eventually give me the required information ? Is there any other solutions ?

It does seem your remote key has failed.

My 2007 grande stored its Key I.D. in the ECU.. so a locksmith easily built a working 'slave key'.. coding took 60 seconds :)